Growing Up With the Family Brewery

Photo Credit: Bill Manley (NYT)

I came across this very sweet New York Times story about Brian Grossman, 25, who has worked for Sierra Nevada Brewing since he was 15.

In the story, he talks about how his father and a partner started the brewery 30 years ago. He shares his memories growing up with the brewery and how he always dreamed of working in the family business. Today, he is the general manager at Sierra Nevada.

Here’s a clip from the NYT story:

MY father, Ken Grossman, started Sierra Nevada Brewing Company with a partner 30 years ago and bought him out in 1998. I always knew I wanted to work in the family business. As a kid, I was always there. I learned how to ride a bicycle in the parking lot, and I’d tinker in the maintenance shop. I’ve grown up around some of the employees.

My first paying job at the brewery, at 15, was cleaning the fermenting tanks. After that, I helped prepare the yeast, malt and hops. From there I moved into the production departments and brewed the beer. I also worked in maintenance and learned welding and other skills. Both of my older sisters have worked in the brewery, too, but neither works here right now.

You can read the full story here.

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