Philly Here I come!

Over the past few years, I’ve been traveling a whole lot. I’ve been to Italy (for the 26th time in my life), Switzerland, the Bahamas and various states in the U.S. I’m always intrigued with culture, food, and beer!

I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but I’m not exactly a fan of Philly. I thought the beer and Philly Cheese steak is better in NY. But before you hate me, I have a reason to visit again! I just found out that Mac’s Tavern, the real-life bar from the TV Show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, opened this month in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood. Mac’s Tavern has 17 beers on tap, gastropub fare, a jukebox and occasional acoustic musical talent.

Now I have a reason to explore where The Gang — Charlie, Sweet Dee, Dennis, Mac and Frank — have done everything from cracking the Liberty Bell to running the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps Rocky Balboa-style (which I attempted and failed successfully). lists a two-day, two-night itinerary, you can see where the ego-driven characters create scenes all over Philadelphia — that is, when they aren’t arguing or scheming in Paddy’s Pub.

I haven’t settled on a date yet, but check back later this summer. I plan to go in August!

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