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International Beer Day

Since last week was International Beer Day (Aug. 5), I decided to celebrate by drinking Anchor Steam Beer (one of my favorites). On this day, beer enthusiasts are encouraged to appreciate beer and try something new. So this year, I tried Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom Cream Ale and it was not bad. I think I liked it because it was fruity and light. Unfortunately, I expected more cream. But it was great to try something new.

For those of you who don’t know, International Beer Day started in 2007 in Santa Cruz, California. According to the official website, you can celebrate by drinking with friends, enjoying new beers from other cultures, buying beers for your friends, and thanking a brewer and bartender for devoting their lives to beer.

If you didn’t celebrate it this year, make sure you put it on your calendar for next year!!

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Silicone Bottle Caps

Ahh! So I know my birthday is four months away, but I thought I’d get myself an early, really early, birthday gift.  I came across Beer Savers, silicone bottle cap for beer bottles.

The Beer Savers help keep beer carbonated longer after you open a bottle, they also help you identify whose beer is whose at parties. I like that they’re tight enough to help keep the beer’s bubbles from escaping.

Personally, I don’t know who can’t finish they’re beer all at once, but these caps are great for brewers because they’re reusable!

The set comes with six colored cap: black, orange, yellow, blue, red for $12.99. But they’re currently having a sale for $7.99 on the website.

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Hartford Distributors Shooting

My heart sank when I came across the story about the recent shooting in Manchester, Connecticut. My prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed.

Fox News reports:

Eight people were killed at Hartford Distributors after Omar Thornton, a driver for Hartford Distributors, pulled out a gun and opened fire.  Thornton, who was in a meeting with union representative and his supervisors, was showed a video of him stealing beer. After given the option of being fired or quietly resigning, he began shooting and then killed himself.

Thornton claimed the company was racist and “pushed him over the edge.” However, Brett Hollander, whose family owns the distributorship, denied any racial bias. Police are still investigating this case.

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