Hartford Distributors Shooting

My heart sank when I came across the story about the recent shooting in Manchester, Connecticut. My prayers go out to the families and friends of those who were killed.

Fox News reports:

Eight people were killed at Hartford Distributors after Omar Thornton, a driver for Hartford Distributors, pulled out a gun and opened fire.  Thornton, who was in a meeting with union representative and his supervisors, was showed a video of him stealing beer. After given the option of being fired or quietly resigning, he began shooting and then killed himself.

Thornton claimed the company was racist and “pushed him over the edge.” However, Brett Hollander, whose family owns the distributorship, denied any racial bias. Police are still investigating this case.

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  1. Is racism in America so blunt that even when the evidence is right in front of the American people you ignore it? Could this all have been prevented if his superiors would have actually looked into the allegations? Did Omar Thornton have a motive for the Connecticut Massacre?

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