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Cave Mountain Brewery

snowy, winding roadsnowy, winding road

I had the pleasure of going to Cave Mountain Brewery in Windham, NY two weeks ago. Originally, I had planned a ski vacation a few months ago to Windham Mountain, but unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to heat things up. The weekend was snowing, but not enough to go skiing.  I panicked and quickly looked for a bar in hope of  finding a new beer to calm me down! The closest bar was 15 miles away, which translated to 30 minutes between winding roads and terrible snow conditions. When I finally got to the place, it was nothing but a barn next to a gas station. I decided to retreat and continue my search the next day. That’s when I learned there was a brewery in town!

When I was driving to Cave Mountain Brewery, I missed it the first time because it looked like a quaint storefront. I was surprised with the level of energy of the brewery when I walked it. The walls are brightly colored and there is memorabilia on the walls including hundreds of vintage beer cans in the bathrooms. I went in the men’s bathroom just to see if it had the same cans as the women’s and to my surprise, it didn’t!


I went with a beer sampler so I could try every drink the brewery had to offer. I noticed that they’re big seller was the Centennial IPA, so I started with that first. The hops were so strong that you could smell them before you even have a taste. I’m not big on IPAs, so I was happy to try the others. On the menu, they have American Blonde Ale, which is a light ale with subtle hops. Nothing too special about one, but refreshing for the summer. Next up, I tried their Irish Red Ale, which was the perfect for the season. It is also lightly hopped with a toasty flavor. If you like toasted nuts, I’d recommend their English Nut Brown Ale, also a nutty, malty treat.  The last two that I tried were my favorite. The German Hefeweizen was everything that I could enjoy in a beer! It was wheaty, refreshing, and tart, with a hint of banana. I ordered a pint of that one. Lastly, I sampled the Oatmeal Stout, a true blend of coffee and chocolate malt. I didn’t even need dessert. It was a perfect ending for the night and a great way to kick off the weekend.


There were other beers that weren’t in season, but that means I’ll have to come back in the spring and summer in order to try them all!

Other pics from my trip:

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“1,000 bottles of beer on the wall”

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