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Labatt Brewing Company Down Sizing

I hate it when breweries downsize or shut down. It’s so hard for small business to survive as it is today, and it’s a shame because many of these breweries offer such wonderful beers! Labatt Brewing Company will be shutting down its Lakeport plant in Hamilton by the end of this week. Hamilton is one of Canada’s oldest towns of beer makers. The first brewery in Hamilton dates back to the 1840s. But now there’s a strong possibility that it is about to run dry unless someone will save it from closing.

Good news though! Labatt has been offered up to $50 million for the beer-making equipment from Calgary-based Minhas Creek Brewing Company, a company which has been looking for a chance to break into the discount beer business in Ontario.

Minhas President Ravinder Minhas said if Labatt takes his offer he could have the Hamilton plant and its 143 employees shipping beer again within four months. Minhas also said the Hamilton plant could produce about 14 million cases of beer — a fraction of the 88.8 million cases sold by The Beer Store in 2008. Labatt reportedly has about 45 per cent of the Ontario market, or 39.6 million cases a year.

Hamilton will still have a brewery in town, at least for now.

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